Carestream Dental:
A workflow that’s simply digital.

The DDX Lab Portal is fully integrated with Carestream Dental Intraoral Scanners to enable a dynamic workflow for your Reveal® Clear Aligner cases

Carestream Dental
Intraoral Scan

Perform patient scan using CS intraoral scanner, and send patient files directly to DDX lab portal with the click of a button.

Reveal DDX
Lab Portal

Files sent from CS
Connect are automatically
populated under Case Files in DDX lab portal.

Complete Treatment
setup in DDX

Submit patient Rx. and review treatment plan within the DDX lab portal. Approve treatment setup for manufacturing.

REVEAL - Box Big_BlueBG_01 1

Deliver Aligners
to Patient

Reveal Clear Aligners are then manufactured and shipped to your practice for your patient to begin treatment with you.

One-Click Data Transfers​

The Reveal DDX lab portal and Carestream Dental Intraoral Scanner work together to bring a comprehensive lab case management solution to your practice.​

  • Digitally transfer your files anytime, directly from your Carestream Dental IOS to your DDX lab portal for your Reveal clear aligner cases​
  • Select provider from new drop-down option within DDX
  • Check status of any case online and receive real-time updates of its progress
  • Once the case is submitted, easily confirm that the information was received by your lab
  • HIPAA compliant – patients protection every step of the way

Quality Analysis Study

In a recent study comparing the accuracy of intraoral scanner impressions:

  • Carestream Dental CS 3700 ranked first in trueness[1]
  • 12 IOSs were evaluated for full arch implant impression
  • Using the mesh/mesh method (STL files), the best results were obtained by CS 37001


Become a Reveal

Adding Reveal to your practice means $0 provider fees and
the ability to offer your patients a clear aligner with enhanced
clarity and a precision-fit.